#126: Build Back Better - Real Estate Investing Forecast 2021
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#126: Build Back Better - Real Estate Investing Forecast 2021 On this week’s show Gary chats with friend and longtime investor Frank Taylor. Frank purchases his first property during the  1987-1988 boom (just like 20/21), then the market crashed in 1990, leading to a recession. He’s being going strong since then, with no signs of slowing down! He believes in buy and hold, and putting equity into his properties so that they are part of his retirement, and will be lasting assets for his children. Check below for all the great details of what you can learn! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: How buying in a boom, like now, can still get you valuable assets How he navigated the recession of 1990, during the first Gulf War Why his first mortgage interest rates were 10 or 12% Why the banks got more cautious during the recession and locked LOCs! Why Frank believes that putting money into his assets is the way to go Why Frank develops great relationships with owners on all sides of his investment properties “Treat your tenants like gold, because they are your clients!” Why you should under promise and over deliver Why 50% of his clients that left real estate investing, called him back after leaving to get back in the game Why Frank ALWAYS buys for cash flow -‘cash flow will always be the fundamental part of investing’ Why the current stress tests are designed to mimic a crash Why Frank considers himself an historical restoration expert Why his buildings lease quickly, and the tenant class is above average Why he believes ‘the world is dying, and a green economy is required to save it’ And MORE! Frank’s Bio At 18 years of age I started my first company, CanClean, which specialized in commercial steam cleaning and restoration services throughout Toronto, Peel and Halton region. The company provided services to some of the largest commercial office space providers and several multi-residential rental asset firms as well as service calls for Leon’s Furniture, based from their Burlington location. At 20, I began to invest in real estate for the future of my children's post secondary education and for retirement, purchasing older homes in Hamilton and converting them into duplexes and triplexes. I taught myself the ins and outs of total restoration as I engaged in rebuilding those properties. In 1992, having discovered that my true passion lay in the real estate, I divested from CanClean and became a licensed realtor who specialized in multi- residential and mixed-use commercial holdings. My business ranged widely, from single family flips to rebuilding older / historical multi-unit residential buildings of scale. Clients were able to take advantage of my background in reconstruction, as I offered project management services that included multiple million dollar restorations of many properties of distinction in Hamilton and Burlington. Over the span of 36 years as a multi-res / mixed use specialist, I was involved in the sale, acquisition, property management and full restorations of commercial and residential real estate worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  I retired from organized real estate to open Frank Taylor Consulting Ltd in August 2020.  Of course, my most rewarding job has been as a full-time father to three amazing adult children - Ryan, Sierra, and Mathison. I reside in downtown Toronto. Website/contact info for guest Web: https://www.franktaylorconsulting.ca  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/franktaylorconsulting Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frank.taylor.consulting  This episode proudly sponsored by AGHI Home Inspections and Brian Daley. Whether buying or selling a property, AGHI recognizes that the process can be stressful. It is critical that any decision you make be one that is based on knowing all of the facts. Purchasers, vendors, insurance companies and lending institutions have co
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