#131: Adelaide & Renate Carriere - Never Too Young, Never Too Late
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#131: Adelaide & Renate Carriere - Never Too Young, Never Too Late On this week’s show Gary chats with Adelaide Carriere and her grandmother Renate, who bought their first investment property together. This episode is for new investors, or those considering getting into it. If you’re 18 or 60, this show talks about the basics and fundamentals of investing, searching for a property, screening, property management and more! Adelaide started as the admin at Smart Home Choice, and became interested in becoming a real estate investor by asking a lot of questions, and deciding to invest at age 18! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: How did Adelaide start out and become interested in real estate The books she read at age 12, and books her grandmother read as well Why they chose to invest together How they researched for a property Where they chose to invest The issues with the property and maintenance How they divide duties for joint ownership The tenant screening process Some of their favourite quotes And MORE! Adelaide’s Bio Adelaide Carriere is a 20-year-old entrepreneur, real estate agent & real estate investor on a mission to lead with intent, inspire people, and innovate. As a young girl, Adelaide loved to read books and would take any opportunity to learn from the people around her. At age 12, Adelaide picked up 2 books that would change how she saw the world & reshape her mindset. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki taught her the importance of financial literacy and a positive mindset. After reading both books several times, Adelaide knew her purpose was something greater than she’d imagined but didn’t know where to start.  Adelaide was accepted into university but decided to pursue real estate instead and completed the Humber Real Estate Salesperson program in 2021. Her initial interest in real estate began in March 2019 while employed at Smart Home Choice. One day Adelaide asked at what age she could begin investing and Gary revealed that she could start now if she wanted to. The conversation propelled her on a journey of determination to see if it was true that she could own property despite being young, financially unstable, and unable to qualify for a mortgage. October 2019 while at an event featuring the world’s best motivational speaker, Les Brown, Adelaide was introduced to Mathew Frederick, a real estate investor with over 30 years of experience and many mentees. After a little persistence, Mathew agreed to mentor Adelaide as well. With the support and encouragement of her mentors, Adelaide convinced her grandparents to take a chance and invest with her. Now, she and her grandmother Renate, are on a mission together to create generational wealth and encourage others to do the same. Their goals are to show people under 30 that they don’t necessarily need to follow what society says and should feel comfortable taking a chance, while showing people over 30 the importance of building generational wealth for their families.   In March 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, Adelaide & Renate partnered to purchase their first investment property in Pembroke, Ontario.   Renate Carriere was born in the Czech Republic and was 13 years old when her family immigrated to what they called “the land of opportunities,” bringing only a suitcase and being unable to speak the English language. As her family attempted to establish a new life in Canada, Renate watched how her parents purchased land near water to build a cottage, purchased their primary home, and then several rental properties. Renate saw it, but never knew HOW it was done. Growing into a young and curious adult, she became an entrepreneur and this spirit followed Renate throughout her life. She’s had businesses from cleaning, pizza takeout, to owning a working farm. Aside from her parents, Renate’s first experience investing in real estate began when she and her husband purchased land and built a home in
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