45 Minutes of Straight Business with John Caudwell
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What's up podcast! This episode is awesome new content as I sat down with John Caudwell to talk personal brand, entrepreneurship and all things business. Enjoy and tweet @garyvee with any takeaways questions or to just say hi :) Timestamps: 3:50 - My commitment to output 9:40 - How John is measuring his growth on social 17:05 - What's on your mind these days? 26:45 - Documenting vs creating 33:40 - Your immediate circle needs to understand the mission 40:35 - The power of post-production at scale
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What's up podcast! If you haven't noticed I've been talking about sports cards A LOT recently ;). Today's episode is a panel I did with Jason Koonce and Josh Luber at the NSCC a few weeks ago. We talked about how cards have the chance to become art and how I'd invest in cards if I had under $100....
Published 08/21/19
What's up podcast listeners. Today's episode is a sports card panel/Q&A I did in Chicago while I was at the National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC). For those of you who follow my content you know how much I love buying and selling sports cards. For any of you trying to change up your...
Published 08/20/19
Happy Monday podcast listeners! Great episode here today with Kyle and Jackie O from KISS 1065. Sat down with them when I was in Australia last week and took some live call-ins. Linking the FB Live page below if you want to check it out. Make sure to tweet me @garyvee if you listened to this...
Published 08/19/19