In this episode, we discuss the importance of screening for primary aldosteronism and how to manage the condition.
Published 06/01/21
Bone expert Dr. Sarah Zaheer talks to us about screening for and treating osteoporosis.
Published 03/15/21
Today we discuss causes of hypocalcemia and how to treat hypocalcemia.
Published 03/01/21
In this episode, we discuss PTH mediated vs non-PTH mediated hypercalcemia. We'll talk about how to diagnose the etiology of hypercalcemia and how to treat the most common causes.
Published 02/15/21
On this week's episode, we talk to endocrine neoplasia expert Dr. Jennifer Perkins about the different types of thyroid cancer and how to approach these patients.
Published 02/01/21
Published 01/18/21
In this episode, we review how to diagnose and treat hyperthyroidism.
Published 01/18/21
Published 01/04/21