The Gift Of Appreciation
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Go to to find out more. Can't wait for the book to arrive!!! Intro by Cristina Muresan-Toth:
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Thomas Anderson is a Swedish entrepreneur, change manager, inspirational speaker, and life coach. Anderson is the author of The Vulnerable Man: Break your patterns. Master your emotions. Reclaim your life. [Trignite, April 23, 2021], which was inspired by his own struggle to reconcile his...
Published 07/26/21
CEO & CO-FOUNDER of Wavelenght, the healthy eating app that helps you reduce cravings, stop overeating, and improve your relationship to food and your body for good. For a long period of time, she thought her struggle with dieting was all her fault. She felt so ashamed that she didn’t talk...
Published 07/19/21
Tim runs Small Farm Nation, where he helps farmers with their marketing and he’s written books for Emergency Preparedness so people can Survive Any Disaster, but his passion is living gratefully. We talked among others, about why he think it’s so difficult for people in western countries to be...
Published 07/12/21