Gratitude Isn't The First Step To Unlearning Body Shame - Sarah Stites
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CEO & CO-FOUNDER of Wavelenght, the healthy eating app that helps you reduce cravings, stop overeating, and improve your relationship to food and your body for good. For a long period of time, she thought her struggle with dieting was all her fault. She felt so ashamed that she didn’t talk to anyone about what she was going through — not even when she was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and PCOS, or had major weight loss surgery (and gained the weight back). Taking back her power started with a deeper, kinder understanding of herself. With the help of her mom, Dr. Martha Katz, PhD, MS, she finally learned to work with her body and mind, let go of the shame, and meet her goals in an enjoyable way. Resources: Heal your relationship to food. For good: Intro by Cristina Muresan-Toth:
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