Roland Doe, The True Story of The Exorcist | Jeff Belanger Interview
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When your boy starts hearing scratching on his walls and then begins to see strange scratches on his body, it is reasonable to be concerned as a parent.  When the scratches being to escalate to works and messages, it takes the concern to fear.  When the boy’s voice, personality, and entire demeanor seem to turn to evil, it calls for an exorcism.  That is the story of Roland Doe, the inspiration for The Exorcist.  Today we discuss the true story of Roland Doe and The Exorcist.  What happened, and has anyone ever discovered the identity of Roland?  Jeff Belanger gives the answers to these and many other questions today on The Grave Talks. PART 2 - AVAILABLE TO GRAVE KEEPERS ONLY - LISTEN HERE In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss: Who reported the extreme accounts of levitating and such in The Exorcist case? Does Jeff think that a move like an exorcist could conjure or cause legitimate hauntings? In terms of other exorcisms that the catholic church has conducted, how extreme was the Roland Doe case compared to others? What is The Exorcist house like today? As a Grave Keeper, for $5 per month you will get: Access to every episode of our show, AD-FREE – MONTHS BEFORE THEY GO PUBLIC. Access to every EXCLUSIVE PART 2 episode of our show for Grave Keeper Only! Access to submit questions to upcoming guests of our show. The “good feeling” knowing that you are keeping this show alive (It really does feel good!) Listen to part two of this interview and get exclusive access to HUNDREDS of bonus episodes at
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