Published 11/15/21
Published 11/15/21
When Voyager encounters a group of people hooked on a video game, the crew can’t help but put their quarters on the machine. But after the clowning around has people losing their heads, Captain Janeway ruins the game for everyone by playing it herself. Does cryo always have to be cold? Can a sherpa save a bad episode? How are those Larry’s holdin’ up? It’s the episode that we insist on giving you!
Published 11/01/21
When Tuvok crash lands in a Sears Garden Center, he’ll attempt to get the local kids as far as he can from the Star Trek caves. But when his rescue attempt threatens to spark a diplomatic incident, the turbulence won’t just be coming from energy fields in the atmosphere. What’s the weirdest way to make first contact? How does one leave a party by employing The Drayan Goodbye? Spare the lute, spoil the child? It’s the episode with a key MAN policy.
Published 10/25/21
It’s the MaxFun Block Party, and for the first time ever we’re trying to make it easy for new listeners to understand wtf we’re talking about on The Greatest Generation and The Greatest Discovery. In this special episode we go back through the archives of our podcast and trace the origins of some of our favorite running bits, and break down some of our most obscure jargon. If you’re new to The Greatest Generation or The Greatest Discovery, there has never been a better episode to jump in...
Published 10/21/21
When Voyager takes the back roads home they run into something familiar, and messy. But when the Vidiians board the ship while the galley is closed, they’ll find a way to get the meat-lover’s special, one way or another. Did we ruin Block Party? What’s the greatest challenge to a morale officer? Is there a difference between horny and spiky? It’s the episode that does not have the correct Spanish translation!
Published 10/18/21
The Greatest Generation and Dead Pilots Society got together to celebrate MaxFun Block Party!
Published 10/14/21
When Tom Paris books passage on a separate flight, Neelix takes it personally. But when the Talaxian launches his fringey news network on the ship, he starts to find conspiracies wherever he points his camera. How is Tom Paris going to survive the mess hall on his next ship? Is it possible to be burn-blind? What’s the broom-closet situation on a Kazon ship? It’s the episode that’s expecting to give up some come.
Published 10/11/21
When Doc Holoday becomes smitten with a Videan patient, his hungry eyes surprise the rest of the crew. But when he cures her his way, it’s unclear whether the cure he finds for the phage is rare or well-done. Is surprise pain always better? How difficult is it to make Paris look good? Can we be done with Boomer nostalgia? It’s the episode that’s like “The Fifth Element,” only PG!
Published 10/04/21
When BLT thaws out a Q, she inadvertently becomes an accomplice in the first jail break in the history of the Continuum’s Rura Penthe. But when the escaped prisoner invokes a request for asylum, it’s the Captain who will sit in judgement of the Q. What’s the midpoint between Dylan, Burns and Bronson? How much danger does this guy’s plan pose to the fabric of reality? How many times can we bring up The Cheesecake Factory in a Star Trek podcast? It’s the episode that lives rent-free in your...
Published 09/27/21
When a rogue missile the size of the Chrysler Building shows up in the Delta Quadrant, whose fault it is surprises everyone on the Voyager crew. But when Captain Janeway plays a game of core breach chicken, millions of lives on an innocent planet lie in the balance. How do you know you’re actually in love with a Ktarean? Is this Klumping? What do you do when the transporter suddenly gets plugged up? It’s the episode that burns the loaf at both ends!
Published 09/20/21
When a dead shows up in Engineering, all eyes turn to a crewman who is distractingly famous. But when he shares his pain with Tuvok, the buttoned up security officer goes full Training Day. Should B. Dunks be smoking? Are Betazoids all just huge Limp Bizkit fans? Do you get a torpedo casing made to measure or just wear off the rack? It’s the episode where we’re lubed up and ready to Rumarie.
Published 09/13/21
When the Voyager crew starts experimenting with a fundamental rule of Star Trek, it could end up getting everyone home much faster. But when Tom Paris breaks the warp speed limit, his punishment does NOT fit the crime. Is this the only thing Ensign Kim hasn’t done? Just how bad is Neelix’s coffee? Have we finally arrived at “apex grossness”? It’s the episode that’s like going from a luxury car to an economy car!
Published 09/06/21
When the Voyager loses another torpedo (not to mention another crewman) to Kazon raids, the pressure mounts for Janeway to make nice with the pinecones. But when she relents and tries diplomacy, she finds her potential ally might be full of bull. How do they determine an episode is special enough for roots in the Star Trek caves? Which sect is the drippiest? What should we do with Adam’s body when he dies? It’s the episode that’s a real 'bae got me like'-situation.
Published 08/30/21
When BLT finds a robot floating in space, she rushes to gas it up. But when Starfleet’s self-serve policy comes into conflict with the robot’s full-serve request, the Voyager crew will have to compute the worth of a kidnapped crew person. How horny is Ben’s kitchen? Are any problems worth the strain? Is this a puppet problem? It’s the episode that blinks twelve o’clock!
Published 08/23/21
When an away mission to score illicit substances on a repressive planet goes awry, Captain Janeway finds herself in the care of a man who has lost the plot. But when she mounts a rescue mission to free BLT and Tuvok from a local prison, the motorcycle bad guys start to make some truly strange strategic choices. What will the Captain’s father think of all of this? Lemons…melons…what’s the difference? What’s the over/under on Tuvok screams? It’s the episode where we run out of gas. Twice.
Published 08/16/21
When Seska surprises the Voyager crew, she’s there to inflict ball trauma on Chakotay and drink kanar…and she’s all out of kanar. But when Chakotay goes rogue in an effort to solve the problem he created, he’ll find out that his responsibilities are only beginning. How many ball-kicking machines are there on Voyager? Should we go long on GameChtonk? Do we know anything about Kazon sects? It’s the episode that’s a mix of pissed and impressed!
Published 08/09/21
When the Voyager crew discovers another community of Ocampa, their caretaker is gonna be a little bit harder to find. But when the crew discover their ship has been nicknamed The Ship of Death, they’ll realize the kind of reputation you can earn when you schlep the cremains of a godlike alien around for ten months. Do they make little torpedo tubes for little deads? Has a Jedi ever worked in a coffee shop? Why doesn’t anyone care that the ship’s food supply got burned to a crisp? It’s the...
Published 08/02/21
When Commander Chakotay gets caught flashing back on an away mission, we can’t help but look for clip show devices that aren’t there. But when the inhabitants of the planet turn out to be familiar to his family, Chakotay will have to get over his daddy issues to save the crew. What’s the wash-out rate at Starfleet Academy? Are phasers useless against birds? Can P1’s affect show canon? It’s the episode that accidentally gets it right!
Published 07/26/21
When the Captain's stress pushes her into a coffee-only diet, the transporter chief is relieved when the Doc prescribes some R&R. But when the kids from her holonovel start haunting the ship, it might be 25th Amendment time for President Janeway. On the spectrum of TNG to DS9, how horny is the holodeck on Voyager? Is Neelix loading up the Captain’s plate in the buffet line? Is Ethan Philips trying to cut his thumb off to get out of work? It’s the episode where we see what it’s like to get...
Published 07/19/21
When Neelix and Tom Paris are fighting, television law stipulates they must be forced into a close-quarters mission together. But when their shuttle crashes on a planet with a rough exterior, it’ll be up to Neelix to make something out of what’s left over. How many words do you know? What’s the best musical instrument for a bum-out? Did someone forget to fry the puppet? It’s the episode that’s harder to pull off than the average home viewer might realize!
Published 07/12/21
When Kes’s second birthday party gets interrupted by another nebula, it honestly comes as a shock that the thing that gets messed up isn’t the holodeck. But when the crew keep running into Lieutenant Baxter in the ship’s labyrinthine hallways, they start making beret face. What’s the legal drinking age for Ocampa? Does saying, ‘ahh!’ count as a speaking part? What character on the show has the most Garbage Pail Kid name? It’s an episode with a…significant…comment from Adam Pranica.
Published 07/05/21
When Ensign Kim wakes up in a strange bed, his day begins like many others. But when his sense of reality is challenged by the owner of a coffee shop, he’ll have to decide whether or not to leave the Delaney sisters behind forever. What happens to un-spent sexual equity? Why not use the entire Star Trek buffalo? Where do you even buy a changing partition? It’s the episode that’s so full of good ideas, it might break Star Trek.
Published 06/28/21