Freeing Up Time for the Things that Matter, with Kevin Koskella
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Today I’m speaking with Kevin Koskella from Workhero. Kevin turned Tri Swim Coach, his business teaching swimmers to become triathletes, into a full time, location independent, online business. Today he works with entrepreneurs around what he teaches triathletes: you need experts so you can be the most successful.   That's why in 2017, Kevin founded Work Hero, a subscription service that helps online entrepreneurs by accomplishing their design and technical tasks so they have the freedom to focus on the work they do best.   We have a great conversation about removing tedious tasks, including:   How Kevin got the idea for Workhero What’s the problem with “doing it all yourself”? How to find great people, at minimal cost Where to find great people, and what to look for How to distill good applications and cover letters from bad ones How to negotiate with freelancers to get the best bang for your buck The top things people need to be outsourcing right now
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