Positioning Your Business, with Vincent Dickie
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Today I’m speaking with Vincent Dickie, who helps coaches and therapists create a more profitable online business. We’re talking about a super interesting topic, and that is the dreaded P-word - positioning.   It can seem like a scary proposition to put your stake in the ground and say “this is who I serve”, because it feels like you’re turning away work. But as Vincent details in this episode, it’s a fear worth getting over, and the benefits are endless.   In this episode we cover:   How Vincent went from the business world, to the health and wellness space, and back to business (and why) Why it is so important to position your business within a certain niche A 3 step process to define your ideal client How to overcome the mindset that your are “alienating” other clients who aren’t in your niche How to make yourself referral-worthy by focusing and specializing Why you won’t get bored by just focusing on one specific niche How do you test your audience, and whether you’re a good fit for them? Where do you start with positioning once you’ve decided on your niche How positioning affects your pricing and how much people value your services Tools you can use to amplify your positioning   Resources Mentioned:   Vincent’s website Risk Free Funnel podcast Active Campaign
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