Our panel discusses what happened during the first round of negotiations on the future relationship
Published 03/06/20
With less than three weeks to go before the UK (almost certainly) leaves the EU, Jon Henley looks at what changes 31 January will bring. He’s joined by Jonathan Lis, deputy director of British Influence, Georgina Wright of the Institute for Government, and the Guardian’s Jennifer Rankin
Published 01/14/20
Now that Boris Johnson has the decisive parliamentary majority he wanted, Jon Henley asks if it will be plain sailing for his Brexit bill. He is joined by Jennifer Rankin, the Guardian’s Brussels correspondent, Anand Menon, of the UK in a Changing Europe thinktank, and Joe Owen, the director of the Brexit programme at the Institute for Government
Published 12/17/19
Days before the crunch EU summit, Jon Henley asks whether Boris Johnson can secure a Brexit deal. He is joined by the Guardian’s Brussels correspondent, Jennifer Rankin, and opinion writer Rafael Behr, and by Georgina Wright of the Institute for Government
Published 10/15/19
With a no-deal Brexit blocked and no snap election in sight, is there any way out for the PM?
Published 09/16/19
Will the new Tory leader and prime minister be able to deliver on his Brexit promises?
Published 07/23/19
As Tories choose their next leader, we ask if he stands any better chance than May did
Published 06/18/19
As the UK unexpectedly finds itself voting in the European elections, we discuss what effect that might have on Brexit - in Britain and Europe
Published 05/14/19
With just two days until Britain leaves without a deal, will the EU grant an extension?
Published 04/09/19
As parliament grabs the steering wheel of the Brexit process, could a solution finally be in sight?
Published 03/26/19
As Theresa May jumps on the Eurostar once more in a last-ditch attempt to resuscitate her Brexit deal, is she doomed to failure?
Published 02/05/19
With Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement looking no closer to winning the support of MPs, what other possible scenarios lie ahead?
Published 01/08/19
May pulls the meaningful vote, Tory rebels mount a leadership challenge, and Europe looks on in disbelief. What next in the Brexit saga?
Published 12/12/18
The Brexit negotiations are reaching what EU diplomats are calling squeaky-bum time. Can Theresa May pull a deal out of the bag?
Published 11/06/18
The Guardian has just launched Today in Focus, a daily news podcast that takes you behind the headlines. In this episode, we ask: who are the people trying to stop Brexit? We hear from James McGrory, the director of the People’s Vote campaign. Plus: a week on from the synagogue shootings in Pittsburgh, Hadley Freeman reflects on the drivers of antisemitism in the United States
Published 11/05/18
Brexit Means… is back with a recap of what has – and hasn’t – been happening
Published 10/02/18
We weigh up Theresa May’s chances of bridging the divide between cabinet leavers and remainers at the Chequers away day, and ponder what twists and turns the Brexit saga might take over the summer
Published 07/04/18
As Theresa May fights fire from big business, marching pro-Europeans and disgruntled Brexiters, how much longer can she survive?
Published 06/27/18
Ahead of next EU27 summit, Jon Henley and the team discuss Theresa May’s parliamentary slugfest, the Brexit dividend and security cooperation
Published 06/20/18
From the outside it looks pretty obvious that nobody in government has much of a clue what things will look like in March 2019. But what’s the view of civil servants? And, returning to the problem of the Irish border, what will the government’s backstop arrangement look like?
Published 06/13/18
With three weeks until a key EU summit, will parliament finally pass a Brexit bill?
Published 06/06/18
With a month to go until a crunch EU summit in Brussels, things are becoming heated
Published 05/30/18
Are we anywhere near a solution to Brexit’s most concrete problem?
Published 05/23/18
With the cabinet in open war and the talks with the EU at a standstill, is there any way forward?
Published 05/16/18