With the cabinet in open war and the talks with the EU at a standstill, is there any way forward?
Published 05/16/18
All you ever wanted to know about the defining issue of Brexit, but were afraid to ask
Published 05/09/18
Jon Henley and the team discuss the House of Lords rebellion, the sudden departure of Amber Rudd and the thorny issue of the customs union
Published 05/02/18
Will EU nationals find themselves treated in similar fashion to the Windrush generation? Jon Henley and the team discuss
Published 04/25/18
Jon Henley and the team look back at the past few weeks of Brexit and ask: can it be reversed?
Published 04/18/18
With a year to go till the Brexit deadline, we look at where we stand and what the future might hold
Published 04/04/18
Jon Henley and the team look at where both UK citizens abroad and EU citizens in the UK stand and what is likely to happen now that we are a year away from Brexit
Published 03/28/18
What does the new transition deal resolve and is it all pointless anyway? The Brexit Means team tries to figure it out
Published 03/21/18
We take a look at what amounts to first outline of what the future relationship between the US and the UK might look like – as far as the EU is concerned
Published 03/14/18
Including Theresa May’s long-awaited intervention that was supposed to reveal what ‘Brexit means Brexit’ actually means
Published 03/07/18
We join the Guardian’s Politics Weekly podcast to discuss a pivotal week for Brexit
Published 03/01/18
This time, it’s a tale of three speeches, a letter, a potentially explosive chinwag at Chequers – and a bit of a bombshell
Published 02/22/18
Jon Henley examines what France makes of the UK’s decision to leave the EU: what’s their strategy for dealing with it and is it the case that they – perish the thought – hope to benefit from it?
Published 02/14/18
The debate this week has revolved mainly around the customs union – or, if you prefer, a customs union, or a customs arrangement or even a customs partnership. What kind of relationship does the UK want with the EU after Brexit?
Published 02/07/18
This week, we discuss Germany in the second of our occasional series on how different EU27 countries view Brexit – what they make of Britain’s decision to leave and why, how they are responding, and what they want from a final deal
Published 02/02/18
The Brexit Means… team look at the staying in the customs union and what we learned from Emmanuel Macron visit
Published 01/25/18
This week we’ll be discussing Poland as part of our new series looking at how some of the EU27 states view Brexit: which factors influence their position, whether their interests might affect talks on the future trading relationship between Britain and the bloc – and maybe help, or hinder, UK efforts to achieve a more favourable, even a bespoke, deal
Published 01/17/18
After last year’s rollercoaster, Jon Henley and the team discuss what the next few months may hold
Published 01/10/18
We’re looking at Britain’s booming, youthful tech sector. Many in the industry are worried that Brexit will make it harder to reach EU customers; harder to find and employ the necessary talent; harder to attract investment from abroad, including from the European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund; and harder to convince international companies to operate in the UK at scale
Published 12/27/17
For this, our final episode of the year, we thought it might be an idea to take stock of the past 12 months and look forward to the next. What were the key Brexit turning points this year, and what – as far as anyone can tell, of course – is 2018 likely to bring?
Published 12/20/17
Confused about what just happened in Brexitland? It’s time for the Guardian podcast to shed some light. Join me, Dan Roberts, and two of our top experts, Lisa O’Carroll and Jennifer Rankin, for a special edition that dives into the meat of Friday’s divorce agreement and unpicks what will be left after Christmas
Published 12/13/17
An urgent call from Arlene Foster interrupted Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker’s lunch date. We take a look at what went wrong and why, and forward to where on earth things might go from here
Published 12/05/17
With less than a week to go before the deadline set by Donald Tusk, the European council president, for Britain to come up with an acceptable offer on the financial settlement and a credible solution for the Irish border if it wants to move on to the second stage of Brexit talks by mid-December, things are starting to get a little bit squeaky …
Published 11/29/17
Libby Brooks and Catherine Stihler join Jon Henley to look at how Brexit might affect remain-voting Scotland
Published 11/21/17
In this week’s Brexit Means ... podcast we’ll be looking at three standouts from the past couple of weeks – the increasing weakness of the UK government, the Irish border and the EU getting increasingly fed up with us
Published 11/15/17