What is better? Running by heart rate, pace or power? I personally think that the best way is the combination of different metrics. In this episode I go through the 3 metrics and you will find out what metrics’s I use during my training. I know, what works for me, may not work for you. In the end it comes down to the effort at witch we are running.
Published 07/17/21
This episode is not about race tactics for your 5k or 10k race. It’s about how to prepare for your race on race day. In this episode I talk about race gear, nutrition, hydration, your warm up and a few more things you need to take care about before you start running on a 5k or 10k race. Just follow what I talk about and you will have a stress free and strong race.
Published 07/04/21
Running in the summer heat doesn’t need to be difficult for you. There are a few tips that I share in this episode you should follow to make running in the summer heat more pleasant. Since there are also a few races in the summer you will also find a tip on how to pace your races during the summer heat.
Published 06/26/21
As the title suggests Filip and I discuss the impact of age on running. We go through the facts that impact how fast we can run and how that develops through the years with recreational runners. More than about the theory we talk about our personal experiences. Filip as a young runner and myself as a older runner.
Published 06/19/21
As the title of this episode suggests I looked back on the first year of the podcast. The Happy runner podcast reached runners from 97 different countries. So in the next year I will do what I did the last year: stay consistent and try to publish a new episode each week.
Published 06/12/21
It’s the second time I talk with running coach Harry. This time about the benefits of slow running. But we cover much more then that in this episode. First we talk how a training plan should be structured, what types of runs do we know and with an example we go through the paces for easy and recovery runs. In the end we also mention strides and the importance of them. If tou have more questions for Harry, you can reach out to him on his webpage https://www.harrylancaster.co.uk/
Published 06/05/21
We all loose motivation to go out running from time to time. In this episode of The Happy Runner podcast I talk about different techniques that will help you to find your running motivation. But not only do I talk about the most common techniques. I also talk about what works for me that I don’t loose the motivation to go out for a run. We are all different, so try out what you think could work for you and you will find just the right combination of things that keep you motivated to go out...
Published 05/29/21
We probably all thought or think about getting help when it comes to running. So what is the role of a running coach and how does coaching for runners work? Harry will answer those questions and also give advice to those new to running and those in the over 40 age group. You will learn that a running coach does not only look after your running but can also be a person to push you forward and motivate you on your path to achieve your running goals.
Published 05/22/21
Today I host Andy. You probably know him or his youtube channel The FOD Runner, where he talks about running shoes, his training and running races. In this episode of the Happy Runner podcast we talk about his view of some running related topics as well as his running background and his plans for this year. Andy is a competitive recreational runner, he ran two marathons under 3.00 hours so far. Listen to the episode to find out more about Andy and his approach to running.
Published 05/15/21
In this episode of the Happy Runner podcast I talk about marathon race tactics. How to set your race tactics, what is important to run a strong marathon, when and how to practice your marathon race tactics. A marathon is not an easy race, so you really need to practice also your race tactics, not only your running. Listen to the episode to find out more.
Published 05/09/21
In this episode of the happy runner I host Brodie, a physiotherapist for the forth time to talk about running injuries above the knee. Not only the legs but also the hip area. At the end of our chat we discuss also some lower leg problems that happened to some runners while using carbon plated running shoes. You will find out about the injuries, what causes them and what you can do to prevent them.
Published 05/02/21
It’s not just the runners knee that can cause us problems. There are a few more injuries aroud the knee. Listen to Brodie as he explains the running injuries around the knee area and also about the steps you can take if injured.
Published 04/17/21
Today I did my first half marathon race of 2021. In this episode of the happy runner I talk about why I picked this race, my race plans and a short race recap. In addition I also talk about my running from the end of January till now and my plans for the next few months.
Published 04/10/21
Heather is a psychologist and an ultra runner, who ran on different continents. So she is the person to talk about the mental side of ultra running. It’s all about keeping those negative thoughts away, concentrate on what you are doing, enjoy the views and the trails. That’s one of the concepts to make ultra running a bit easier. You will have rough patches running an ultra race, so you need to train your mind to get through them. In this episode of the Happy Runner podcast you will not only...
Published 04/03/21
Molina is a runner, a physiotherapist and she has also Yoga and Pilates classes, so she is more than qualified to talk about Yoga and Pilates for runners. In this episode you will learn what yoga and pilates are and of course, what benefits you can get as a runner from yoga and pilates. The benefits are not only physical but also mental. While pilates can serve as strength training, yoga on the other hand has mental benefits. And yes, pilates can make you run faster and for a longer period of...
Published 03/27/21
In this episode of the happy runner podcast I talk with Brodie, a physiotherapist, about running injuries below the knee. We go through plantar fasciitis, achilles pain, shin splints and stress fractures. We also talk about self detection of running injuries, self treatment and advice regarding running injuries you can find in the internet.
Published 03/20/21
Heather is an ultra runner who ran all around the world. In this episode of the happy runner podcast we talk about her training for ultra races, how she builds her training blocks and what is important from her point of view to do ultra running. You will learn about all what is important to become an ultra runner. She shares some tips for those new to ultra running, about the nutrition and some tips how to go from road running to ultra running. We also touch her running history, her plans and...
Published 03/13/21
In this episode I host Kelly from RunFreeBeFree to talk about mental training for marathons. Personally I start with mental training long before I start with my marathon training block and I use different techniques, mostly self talk, positive emotions and meditation. Well since everyone is a bit different Kelly talks about what works wor here to mentally prepare for a running race.
Published 03/06/21
Brody is a physiotherapist and host of the run smarter podcast. In this episode we talk about common running misconceptions: misconceptions when injured, strength and mobility misconceptions and shoe and feet misconceptions. If you want to know even more about the topic, you can find more information on Brody’s webpage: runsmarter.online ... listening to the episode will give you some new insights into running.
Published 02/27/21
Heel of forefoot striking? What is more efficient? Some runners are happy with the form they have, other’s want to change from heel to forefoot striking. With Filip we talk about how to determine your strike zone and what to do if you want to change from heel to forefoot striking.
Published 02/20/21
Mike aka kofuzi is one of the first you will get across when searching for running shoe and running gear reviews on youtube. Today he joined me to talk about how easy it is to get into running. You really don’t need much to start, everything you need you already have. It’s important to stay consistent on your way to become a runner. We also talked about his running background, the importance of a good social network and his plans for the 2021 running year.
Published 02/13/21
In this episode I talk with Daisy about here running history. Well not only that but also how she experienced running during all the lockdowns in the UK the past year. We also talk about how running can boost your mental health and why to her recreational running is important. At the end we also took a look in the future and discussed her running goals for 2021.
Published 02/06/21
It’s the first episode where I talk about my running training over the last month. It’s winter, the roads are icy and covered with snow but I managed to get my running training done as planned. Even did all my strength and mobility training. By listening to the episode you will get insights of what I did, what my plans for next month are and why I did what I did.
Published 01/31/21
In this episode we talk with Rachel from Running Solo UK how to get from the couch and start running. Not only about the training methods and plans but also about the importance of rest, inspiration and motivation. Since parkruns are not happening right now, there are other events such as virtual running races that you can use as motivation about running.
Published 01/23/21
In this episode of the happy runner podcast I talk about how to build your running training. I go through the whole process from race planning to building your training blocks around your races. It all starts with race planning and your personal goals, according to that you need to make a time frame for your training blocks and pick up the training plans you will be using. Remeber it’s all about being consistent and building up gradually.
Published 01/17/21