It all started a year ago
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As the title of this episode suggests I looked back on the first year of the podcast. The Happy runner podcast reached runners from 97 different countries. So in the next year I will do what I did the last year: stay consistent and try to publish a new episode each week.
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Should you bring your running shoes on your summer vacation or even plan a running vacation? Well, it’s nor an easy answer. There are some pros and cons for both options. I ran the last few years a marathon end of october, so end of July was always somehow a time when I should be running, but...
Published 07/25/21
What is better? Running by heart rate, pace or power? I personally think that the best way is the combination of different metrics. In this episode I go through the 3 metrics and you will find out what metrics’s I use during my training. I know, what works for me, may not work for you. In the end...
Published 07/17/21
This episode is not about race tactics for your 5k or 10k race. It’s about how to prepare for your race on race day. In this episode I talk about race gear, nutrition, hydration, your warm up and a few more things you need to take care about before you start running on a 5k or 10k race. Just...
Published 07/04/21