Lupus 101 (And A Personal Journey) w/ Tanya Freirich, MS RDN
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Lupus is a truly a tricky diagnosis. The symptoms range from fatigue to the butterfly rash to joint pain! It can be so hard to pin down due to many other ailments having the same symptoms. Today's guest, Tanya Freirich, has worked as a dietitian for more than a decade after obtaining both my Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. I started my career at the world-renowned New York Presbyterian Hospital, then honed my skills in private practice and as an outpatient dietitian. After years of counseling on a variety of medical conditions, I've focused my nutrition expertise, scientific research and personal experience with Lupus and establish The Lupus Dietitian practice. I help people with Lupus reduce Lupus flares and symptoms through a holistic approach to diet and lifestyle changes. Join us as Tanya dishes out how you can help yourself while dealing with your autoimmunity, specifically as it relates to lupus. Do you have lupus and have some tricks or products you have found that help? Share them with me in the comments! In this episode: Signs + symptoms of lupus Tanya's personal story from "fuzzy" diagnosis to being flare-free The eyebrow-raising stat of how many people really have lupus Why getting a proper lupus diagnosis is so challenging How diet + external factors play a huge role in flares and calming the inflammation Quotes “When I was having my lupus flares, I had no idea if I was going to wake up. Honestly, to just get out of my bed was excruciating. He's my husband now, he's a good one, I kept him, but he helped me get dressed. He helped me get my breakfast and turn the doorknobs to get out of the apartment. It was really tough." [30:14] “Lupus can lead to headaches, low-grade fevers, photosensitivity. So if you notice, "Oh wow, I spent the day in the sun. And for days after, weeks after, I really don't feel well," that could be a sign of lupus." [13:00] Links Find Tanya online Get your FREE Lupus Dietitian Guide to Skin Care Follow Tanya as The Lupus Dietician on Instagram | Facebook | Youtube Healthy Skin Show ep.124: Diet Changes For Autoimmune Skin Conditions Like Scleroderma w/ Dr. Terry Wahls Healthy Skin Show ep. 053: 16 Root Causes Driving Skin Rashes (Like Eczema, Psoriasis, Dandruff, Rosacea & More)
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