Is This Normal? (Rashes "Down There" + Hormones Edition) w/ Dr. Jolene Brighten
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My audience is people who are struggling with rashes and, let's be honest, there are some rashes that appear in areas that you're not going to want to, you know, show to a Facebook group. Not only are they uncomfortable physically, but it can be very hard for some to talk to their provider about it. That's why I'm so grateful to today's expert, who is an open book on this topic! She walks us through the age-old question of "Is this normal"? My guest today is Dr. Jolene Brighten, NMD, women’s hormone expert and prominent leader in women’s medicine. As a licensed naturopathic physician who is board certified in naturopathic endocrinology and a clinical sexologist, she takes an integrative approach in her clinical practice. A fierce patient advocate and completely dedicated to uncovering the root cause of hormonal imbalances, Dr. Brighten empowers women worldwide to take control of their health and their hormones through her website and social medical channels. She is the best-selling author of Beyond the Pill and Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth and now is releasing another book called Is This Normal?: Judgment-Free Straight Talk about Your Body. As an international speaker, clinical educator, and medical advisor within the tech community, she's considered a leading authority on women’s health. She is a member of the MindBodyGreen Collective and the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. Dr. Brighten serves as a faculty member for the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine. How do you feel if you have ever had issues down below? Did it ever bring you shame? Let me know in the comments below! In this episode: Why it's so important to talk to your doctor about rashes "down there" and what type of doctor you should talk to Signs from your body that something's off Hormonal imbalances -- why usually more than one hormone is off How poor sleep impacts SO many hormones Thoughts on melatonin supplementation -- worth trying or avoid at all costs? Quotes "Even the imagery they use, it's just this really horrible imagery until we have some kind of medical intervention to come in and save us from being women. And all of that's wrong. It's all wrong!" [10:14] "Yeast infections could also be a sign. If you're having repeat yeast infections, it can be a sign of insulin dysregulation, blood sugar imbalance; and it may be the first way that diabetes is showing up for you." [16:35] Links Find and Follow Dr. Brighten on her website | Instagram | Facebook Order your copy of Dr. Brighten's newest book -- Is This Normal? (available now!!!) Get your copy of Beyond the Pill Healthy Skin Show ep. 005: How Hormonal Birth Control May Be Contributing To Your Skin Condition w/ Dr. Jolene Brighten Healthy Skin Show ep. 084: Rash Triggers For Your Sensitive Lady Parts (That Can Be Embarrassing To Talk About) w/ Dr. Jolene Brighten
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