The concept of ‘workism’ & Bryony Gordon on mental health in teen girls
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Pandora’s listened to a podcast on ‘workism’ - the idea that work is now the cornerstone of your identity - and it’s changed her life; meanwhile, Dolly’s t**s deep in Doris Day nostalgia. We talk Danny Baker’s racist tweet, why maternity clothes should be modelled by pregnant models the Philippines’ proposed ban on gossip. How many mins do you gossip each day? A new study tells us the answer.  And we host journalist, author and mental health campaigner Bryony Gordon to discuss her new book You Got This and why we need to focus on the mental health of and myths fed to teenage girls.  E-mail Tweet @thehighlowshow  You Got This, by Bryony Gordon The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read, by Philippa Perry Mama’s Boy, by Dustin Lance Black  Louis Theroux: Mothers on the Edge, BBC iPlayer  The Ezra Klein Show: Work as identity, burnout as lifestyle Louis Theroux on Desert Island Discs: Alexis Georgoulis interviewed for The Times: Eddie Izzard on Joe Rogan: Phoebe Waller Bridge on THR Awards Chatter:
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