19: #019 - Is Your Water Filter Making You Sick?
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There is so much CRAP in our city water…drug residue, chemicals, pesticides, you name it. And you are DRINKING that every time you drink from the tap. What’s worse is even when you try to filter it out with water filtration systems, sometimes you are not only filtering out the bad stuff, but all the good stuff too like the minerals! In this episode, I dive into which filters suck and which are the best. I discuss the difference in tap water, well water and natural water. Did you know you can get a water report from your municipality to see what is floating around in your drinking water? After this episode, you’ll definitely reconsider drinking from the tap and figure out if your water filter is making you sick. Grab your FREE Endless Energy Checklist to get my top 5 non-negotiable strategies for eliminating fatigue: https://go.kendraperry.net/energy-checklist Join my ground-breaking HIGH on Energy Program for Women: https://go.kendraperry.net/high-energy Like this episode? Screen shot it right now and share it to your Instagram Stories! Tag @kperrynutrition and I’ll share it to my stories! Say hi on Social: http://facebook.com/kperrynutrition http://instagram.com/kperrynutrition
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