Tobey, Bodhi, and Josh talk transfer rumors, the game against Colchester, and more!
Published 07/27/21
Tobey and Bodhi review the game against Leyton Orient!
Published 07/18/21
We review how Spurs players performed at the Copa America and Euro 2020!
Published 07/13/21
We review the appointment of Nuno and transfer rumours!
Published 07/05/21
Louis and Tobey talk transfer rumors from this week!
Published 06/13/21
Tobey, Bodhi, Liam, and special guest Azarreia talk the failed Conte appointment and the summer window.
Published 06/06/21
Tobey, Bodhi, Charlie, Louis, and Max talk that win over Leicester! Preview of the transfer window as well!
Published 05/23/21
Charlie, Bodhi, Tobey, and Liam talk about the Wolves win and preview the weekday game against Aston Villa!
Published 05/16/21
Max, Bodhi, and Tobey review the 4-0 win against Sheffield United and preview the Leeds game
Published 05/02/21
Published 04/25/21
Preview for the Final/ Review of Southampton!
Published 04/24/21
Tobey, Max, Sam, and Bodhi discuss or latest draw to Everton and preview Southampton.
Published 04/17/21
Tobey, Josh, Liam, Max, Bodhi, Charlie, and Sam talk about the loss against Manchester United and the next game against Everton.
Published 04/12/21
Tobey, Bodhi, and Max review the match against Newcastle, then take a look at our academy and infrastructure!
Published 04/05/21
Max, Bodhi, Charlie, and Tobey review our loss against Dinamo Zagreb and our win against Aston Villa. COYS!
Published 03/21/21
We review the painful loss in the North London Derby. We also review the win against Dinamo Zagreb.
Published 03/14/21
Tobey, Bodhi, Charlie, Max, and Josh discuss our wins against Fulham and Crystal Palace!
Published 03/08/21
Tobey, Charlie, and Max review Spurs 4-0 wins against Wolsberger and Burnley.
Published 02/28/21
Liam from tottenhamvoice and Bodhi from hotspur.industry join Tobey from _spurscentre to review our matches against Wolfsberger and West Ham and preview our next game against Wolsberger.
Published 02/21/21
Reviews on Man City and Everton as well as previews for Wolfsberger and West Ham.
Published 02/15/21
6 podders!
Published 02/07/21
Tobey, Bodhi, and Charlie review the game against Wycombe, transfer rumors, loans, and more! They also preview the game against Liverpool!
Published 01/26/21
Tobey and Bodhi get together to discuss the draw with Fulham and the win over Sheffield!
Published 01/18/21
 Charlie, Tobey, and Louis team up to review Brentford and Marine and preview the upcoming game against Aston Villa!
Published 01/10/21
Tobey and Charlie break down the win against Leeds review the Wolves game and preview the game against Brentford!
Published 01/02/21