The Plant Free MD Series | Episode 19 | Traveling Carnivore
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Anthony is fresh off the plane from the Philippines so it was only fitting that we talk about how to maintain a strict carnivore diet while traveling.  Airports, long flights, foreign languages and different cultures can make maintaining carnivore a challenge but it’s not impossible. If you follow these tips you’ll feel confident to go anywhere in the world while improving your body composition and mental health. We also chat about economics, why taxing the rich doesn’t make the poor richer and Michelangelo. About Anthony Chaffee MD: Surgeon, nutritional researcher and former professional rugby player, Anthony’s been a strict carnivore (meat, salt & water only) for three years and has eaten a meat-based diet for 25 years. He’s on a mission to help people overcome diabetes, dementia, Crohn’s disease, mental health issues and more with a carnivore diet. Want support every step of the way on your carnivore journey for faster fat loss, muscle growth and endless energy? The 30 Day Carnivore Challenge is a proven system for smashing your goals in (you guessed it) only 30 days with out enduring side effects like diarrhea and keto flu. Instead, do it the easy way with personal support from Anthony, Simon and others on the same journey. Download our free 12 page Guide to the 30 Day Carnivore Challenge now at so you can see if it’s right for you.
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