The Plant Free MD Series | Episode 24 | Treating Autism With Carnivore
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In this conversation Anthony and Simon chat with Allie Morgan (@alliecarnivore on IG) about her journey from hypoglycemic, overweight with PCOS and Crohn’s disease to full health. Plus, her son’s experience with the carnivore diet and autism. One of the key insights is that most diseases today are not really diseases, they're actually toxicity or poisoning from foods we shouldn't be eating. Remove the food and the disease goes away. This was a fun conversation filled with laughs and plenty of insight into the healing on carnivore. If you know anyone interested in a ketogenic or carnivore diet as a treatment for autism send them this podcast! Can you do us a small favour? Please subscribe and click the notification bell so you don’t miss an episode. It helps us reach and help more people.
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