The Plant Free MD Series | Episode 25 | Muscle and Bone Growth At Any Age With Dr. Jaquish
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In this conversation Anthony and Simon chat with Dr. John Jaquish the founder of the X3 Bar system for growing muscle three times faster than conventional weights. Did you know you can increase your bone density and size at any age and by doing this your strength and durability increases and ultimately your longevity? Increasing your bone strength is something I’d never thought about, muscle yes, but not bone. But, it makes sense that you’d want both to be as strong as possible. Dr. Jaquish explains how the X3 Bar puts you under extremely heavy loads but in a safe way so you’re getting maximum force through the bone for faster results. This system can be used by elderly people and NBA athletes, tall and short people. Of course, we also chat about nutrition too. Dr. Jaquish has been 95% carnivore for the last 4 years and to him it makes sense, if you want to build muscle and shed fat eat protein and don’t eat carbs. If you’re interested in purchasing an X3 Bar or know someone who is they can get $50 off with the code HTC And thanks to the Carnivore Bar for sponsoring this episode. Get 10% off with the code HTC (also applies to subscriptions so you end up with 25% off)
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Published 12/19/22
Published 12/19/22