The Plant Free MD Series | Episode 30 | Adam Kavanagh Australian Caveman
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After 9 years working as a coal miner Adam’s health began to deteriorate and he began suffering from anxiety, depression and gut distress. Adam turned his health around by removing processed foods and getting back to nature spending weeks and months living out in the Australian bush. Adam lives in remote far North Queensland for months at a time. He goes hunting barefoot and lives entirely off the land eating wild cows, pigs, turkeys, kangaroos and fish. Adam recently featured on the Discovery Channel TV series Naked and Afraid which challenged him to survive 21 days in the African wilderness with nothing, literally naked. If you’re curious about spending more time in nature, hunting and eating wild meats you’re going to love this episode! Want to go strict carnivore (meat, salt and water only) for 30 days? You’re invited to join Dr. Chaffee’s 30 Day Carnivore Challenge! Find out more here:
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