Episode 12: The Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert
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Playing the New Year's Concert with the Vienna Philharmonic was an incredibly special experience for me. Tune in for a glimpse into what it is like from the inside!
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And now, for Part II of the interview with Rex Martin! Get ready for a big one. Part I, interesting as it was, was more of a friendly chat. I was astonished at how directly and precisely Rex answered my technical questions in Part II. Also look out for a couple of funny moments!
Published 02/18/20
In this episode I cover the following questions sent in by you great people out there! 00:25 How do you ensure you nail everything the way you hear it in your head? 10:25 My feelings about the importance (or lack thereof) of a daily routine 19:05 How does one keep the passion for music...
Published 02/12/20