Same Stuff Different Night
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Another podcast down in the books and our last episode before our two-year anniversary! We enjoyed our previous in-person podcast and decided to do another one with a somewhat better set! With college coming back into session we talk about our experience so far and what've been doing!
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As the start of the fall season begins, we have finished and started a lot of new anime. We wanted to talk about what we are looking forward to this season and what you guys should be watching! Of course, you can't have an Ikigai Podcast without some heavy topic included too!
Published 11/09/22
With October being the second year anniversary of the podcast we decided to celebrate it by... Never mind, we have to deal with midterms! Though it is an unfortunate way to celebrate, we do discuss our future plans and the momentum of our situation. 
Published 10/11/22
Published 10/11/22