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Another podcast down in the books and our last episode before our two-year anniversary! We enjoyed our previous in-person podcast and decided to do another one with a somewhat better set! With college coming back into session we talk about our experience so far and what've been doing!
Published 09/01/22
Off of a whim, we decided to do a podcast in-person with a scuffed setup. It may reward those who wanted to see a podcast last month. Due to a rough schedule, we couldn't do one in July. However, we have a lot to talk about and exciting new topics to dive into. Hope you enjoy it!
Published 08/03/22
With graduation passing and summertime growing near, the boys finally return with a podcast episode. Graduation was a blast and now we hit the sun! However, since we don't go out much, we can only talk about what we know best. Anime! 
Published 06/07/22