Eugenia Mello
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Giuseppe Castellano talks to illustrator, designer, and educator, Eugenia Mello about what “draw what you know” means—and why it’s both good and frustrating advice; why she thinks the act of illustrating is like a dance; how illustrators are music makers, and why the music they make is as magical as anything; and more.
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Giuseppe Castellano talks to illustrator, author, and educator, Shadra Strickland about what led her to becoming a picture book maker—despite the naysayers; why realism in illustration is not an out-of-fashion style; what artists need to remember about being artists; and more.
Published 08/09/22
Giuseppe Castellano talks to illustrator, Mike Lowery about how he managed to turn illustrating into a living; why drawing every day is a vital part of his life and work; what illustrators can learn from craft-makers; and more.
Published 08/02/22