Darcy Vescio - They/Them Matters & Here’s Why
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Carlton footballer Darcy Vescio is one of the biggest names in the AFLW, having won multiple awards including the Carlton Best & Fairest, 2-time All Australian selection and the Mark of the Year. As a marquee player, Darcy is at the top of their game. But that’s just part of Darcy’s story. Less than a year ago, Darcy publicly came out as non-binary, announcing to the football community that they would now go by the they/them gender pronouns. In this Vulnerabilitea House, Darcy tells Hugh, Ryan and Josh what that experience was like for them. But also, after Hugh and Ryan regrettably slip up a few times during the episode, Darcy graciously explains why it matters so much to them when people do get their pronoun right. To watch Darcy's 2017 Mark of The Year, follow this link: https://bit.ly/3Cp54Yy
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