Mark Wilson from JET - Dealing with Loss
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In 2003, JET’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl was one of the biggest songs on the planet. It was so big, Apple even used it for their first iPod ad. Remember? The one with the dancing silhouettes on the colourful backgrounds? Yeah, that was JET. As the bass player for JET, Mark Wilson has lived the dream of any musician. He’s toured the world and played to packed stadiums, and even stood with Beyonce and Jay Z at the MTV Video Music Awards before playing on stage in front of them. But Mark has also been dealt with some of the most challenging tragedies we can face. In this emotional episode, Mark talks about the good times and the bad times and how he’s dealt with loss in his life. After the interview, Hugh talks with Ryan and Josh about some practical ways we can all deal with loss and trauma in our own lives. To watch Bessel van der Kolk's "6 ways to to heal trauma without medication" on YouTube, follow this link: To read or purchase book recommendation, "The Body Keeps The Score" by Bessel van der Kolk, follow this link:
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