Nazeem Hussain - Losing a Parent
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Stand-up comedian Nazeem Hussain lost his father to COVID-19 in 2021. In this episode, Nazeem shares the difficulties surrounding his family’s loss, and how his Dad’s life and sudden death has impacted his own life. But Nazeem also tells some wildly funny stories - in particular one about a "comedy concert" he did in Sri Lanka in front of The Prime Minister, which turned out to be organised by none other than his Dad. You probably already know Naz from his many, MANY appearances on the telly including The Project, Orange Is The New Brown or maybe even I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. But his latest work sees him acting and writing on the new ABC show, Summer Love. Link below. To watch Nazeem in Summer Love, follow this link: To pre-order Nazeem's new children's book, follow this link For recommendation, 'Raising Boys', by Steve Biddulph, follow this link: To read '7 Sneaky Ways Your Parents Influence Is Still Affecting Your Life', by Suzannah Weiss, follow this link:
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