Hamish McLachlan - A World Turned Upside Down
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While many of us may think of Channel 7’s Hamish McLachlan as the voice of sport in Australia, Hamish is very quick to point to Bruce McAvaney instead. As it turns out, we all love Bruce McAvaney A LOT and apologetically talk about him for quite a while - including a few wonderful Bruce stories from Hamish. When we finally get to the Vulnerabilitea House card selection, Hamish answers the question, ‘When did your life get turned upside down and how did things change?’. This prompts Hamish to show incredible vulnerability and recount two formative events from his family life, and how they’ve reframed his own relationship with the meaning of “challenging times”. For book recommendation, '4000 Weeks', by Oliver Burkeman, follow this link: https://bit.ly/3C4G6x3
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