Ryan Shelton - To Breed, or Not to Breed
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Teeeeechnically the season is over… but who cares about rules when you’ve got three hosts who eat rules for breakfast! Hugh, Ryan and Josh have decided to add three B-B-B-BONUS Vulnerabilitea House episodes to the end of the season! To kick things off, Ryan answers the question: What parts of ageing scare you most? Ryan goes on to share something big that’s been on his mind recently - whether or not he should have children - and his fear around making a decision that he may regret later in life. Next time it’s Josh’s turn, as he picks a card for another special Vulnerabilitea House. For book recommendation, Embracing Uncertainty, by Susan Jeffers, follow this link: https://bit.ly/3AOkSCN
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Published 02/02/23
Okay so quick brag… last year’s episode with parenting expert Lael Stone was 2022’s #1 Most Shared Episode on Apple Podcasts, which you can listen to at the link below. 💁‍♀️But now, Lael is back for a brand new b-b-b-bonus ep with Hugh, Ryan and Josh to talk all about YOU! Well… you and your kids...
Published 02/02/23
Ryan loves his smart phone. Or at least, he used to.Recently, he became fed up with it ruling his life. Endless scrolling, lost time, and just general bleh. So, three months ago he traded in his beloved iPhone for a not-so-smart flip phone - which he affectionately refers to as his ‘SmugPhone’.In...
Published 01/15/23