How (and Why) Ryan Dumped His iPhone
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Ryan loves his smart phone. Or at least, he used to.Recently, he became fed up with it ruling his life. Endless scrolling, lost time, and just general bleh. So, three months ago he traded in his beloved iPhone for a not-so-smart flip phone - which he affectionately refers to as his ‘SmugPhone’.In this b-b-b-bonus episode, Ryan talks Hugh and Josh through every aspect of his smug journey so far:- Why he gave up his iPhone- How it’s going - pros and cons- What’s his actual set up (how YOU can do it too!)- His fantasy phone/device that doesn’t exist… YETIf you’ve been spending too much time on your phone, this could be the episode that inspires you to make a change as well.For more information, or to purchase the Nokia 2720 Flip, follow this link:* Ryan is now using Opel Mobile's Touch Flip which can be purchased via this link: See for privacy information.
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