Lael Stone - Take Care of Yourself
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Okay so quick brag… last year’s episode with parenting expert Lael Stone was 2022’s #1 Most Shared Episode on Apple Podcasts, which you can listen to at the link below. 💁‍♀️But now, Lael is back for a brand new b-b-b-bonus ep with Hugh, Ryan and Josh to talk all about YOU! Well… you and your kids and your loved ones and some other very shareable things that you might be verrrrrry interested in.As your kids start a new year of school and you start a new year of… you… you might be a lil overwhelmed with… everything. But as Lael explains, self-care is important. Because when we’re at our best, we bring the best version of ourselves to our family, friends and work. Thanks Lael… we LOVE this one.To listen to Lael's previous Imperfects episode, 'Creating Emotionally Intelligent Humans' follow this link: purchase Lael's book, follow this link: learn more about Lael's work, follow this link: watch Bluey episode, 'Facey Talk', on abc iview, follow this link:   See for privacy information.
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