They will NOT force us | Cindy Gallop (MakeLoveNotPorn | #MeTooAdvertising Activist | IfWeRanTheWorld) and Deon Wiggett (writer and My Only Story podcast)
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In this episode Carmen Murray (Award-winning digital expert and Founder of Boo-Yah! Modern Marketing Services, Host of The Carmen Murray Show and the co-host of the In with the Two Outsiders Podcast) is joined by her co-host John Vlismas (Former stand-up comedian, now a disruptive educator at #HenleyAfrica and corporate trainer, serial entrepreneur, International Speaker). They join two brave activists Cindy Gallop (Founder MakeLoveNotPorn; #MeTooAdvertising Activist and Founder IfWeRanTheWorld) together with Deon Wigget (Podcast and Author of My Only Story exposing alleged sex offenders) Here is a summary of the episode: Take two activists. One is determined to convert porn consumers to respectful observers of consensual, non-exploitative love between humans - and one who relentlessly pursued his own rapist, and now promises justice for as many survivors as he can manage. A fearless and feared presence in the world of gender politics, Cindy is the epitome of formidable. Deon is a goofy, empathetic and articulate storyteller, and we’re instantly thrilled we could bring them together. The conversation is rapid-fire - but what emerges is the diamond-like exteriors and then sudden deep empathy and kindness. They understand that the human-animal has an almost infinite capacity for darkness - and affinity for light. Instead of polarity, they preach conscious inclusion. Authenticity and audacity are flying off the walls as the conversation hits nerves and bounces off taboos. Connect with Cindy Gallop Connect with Deon Wiggett Music : Outsiders | Join the Outsiders Movement Engage with us on Facebook Mail John and Carmen When you're ready to produce your own podcast, contact the podcast experts at
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