Episode 26 - India's annual summer affair with Coal/Power Crisis
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As it has been happening for years now, coal and power crisis has gripped India yet again. Severe heatwaves caused due to climate crisis coupled with mismatch in coal demand and supply, led to a nationwide power crisis. Electricity distribution utilities are resorting to power cuts, Centre is pushing imported coal and ministries of coal and railways are at loggerheads. To guide us through this maze of crisis, our host Dr. Sandeep Pai spoke with two journalists with their ears on the ground. Sarita C Singh, a seasoned energy journalist and an expert on fossil fuels and energy policies...along with our co-host Shreya Jai, senior energy and climate journalist. Timestamp: 0:00 - Podcast intro 2:42 - What is the genesis of the coal/power crisis? 8:15 - Why there is always a knee jerk reaction to this? 13:44 - Govt pushes states, gencos to import coal. How feasible it is? 17:24 - Did gas or renewables play a role in this crisis? 21:21 - Do you think there is a plan B for gas? 23:44 - How can renewable play a role in averting such crisis in the future? 26:47 - How can discoms find a way to make payments? 35:44 - How does coal crisis impact India's climate mitigation plan? Can coal be retired at all? 45:29 - Shouldn’t India be more aggressive on decentralised renewable system? 50:00 - How do we ensure that this crisis doesn’t happen again next year? 54:46 - Podcast outro Follow TIEH podcast on Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.
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