Episode 30 - Is India walking the talk on its Climate Promises?
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As COP27 inches closer, the promises and commitments made during the last global climate conference are under scrutiny. India which was the biggest surprise, thanks to its Net Zero target year announcement has been under the scanner for laying out its climate plans. The Union Cabinet recently approved India's Nationally Determined Contributions which though exhaustive, is still falling short on several fronts - major being climate adaptation. While mitigation measures are being given due importance, specific targets are yet to be drafted. In order for India, among other large economies, to step up its mitigation and adaptation efforts, it needs to raise ambition domestically, bringing policy coherence across the central and state governments, and ensuring access to finance from rich countries. To understand how India should prioritize its mitigation and adaptation efforts, we interviewed Harjeet Singh, Senior Adviser at Climate Action Network. Harjeet is a global expert on the issues of climate impacts, migration and adaptation and has spent two decades working in development sectors. Full transcript of the episode is available here Follow TIEH podcast on Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube Harjeet Singh is on Twitter and Linkedin Our host, Shreya Jai on Twitter, Linkedin & Dr. Sandeep Pai on Twitter, Linkedin Podcast Producer, Tejas Dayananda Sagar on Twitter and Linkedin
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