Episode 31 - Energy Storage: The Catalyst to India's Energy Transition
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If India wants to achieve its net zero goal by 2070, energy storage technologies will have to play a crucial role. From battery to pump storage, several different technologies are now commercially available in 5 countries and several others are at the R&D stage. They would all need to be deployed at a scale several magnitudes higher than today as India embarks on the path of the energy transition. And this would require policy push, financial backing and reconciling with socio-economic issues. To understand the landscape of energy storage technologies and their future in India, we interviewed Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, President and Managing Director of Customized Energy Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. Rahul is also the founder and Executive Director for India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA). Rahul is considered India’s foremost expert on energy storage, energy management, smart grid deployment and much more. Full transcript of the episode is available here Follow TIEH podcast on Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube Rahul Walawalkar is on Twitter and Linkedin Our host, Shreya Jai on Twitter, Linkedin & Dr. Sandeep Pai on Twitter, Linkedin Podcast Producer, Tejas Dayananda Sagar on Twitter and Linkedin
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