Rating India’s Climate Action Plan: Going Beyond the Headlines | ft. Ulka Kelkar
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This year marks the starting line for India’s energy transition plan, in line with its Net Zero ambitions. The country has made a range of ambitious announcements starting from renewable energy addition to assertive stand on global climate platforms. Challenges of balancing energy needs versus climate commitments aside; India’s energy transition would need to also balance economic needs versus social obligations. We talked with Ulka Kelkar, Director, Climate program, World Resources Institute India to assess the climate action plan of India and what lies ahead. An economist by training, Kelkar has a rich experience in climate change research where her work has ranged from field studies in rural areas to designing state action plans. She is one of India’s most respected voices on low-carbon and climate-resilient economic planning. Reading Suggestions: https://www.wri.org/research/pathways-decarbonizing-indias-energy-future-scenario-analysis-using-india-energy-policy https://www.wri.org/research/sustainable-development-impacts-renewable-power-insights-three-indian-states https://www.wri.org/just-transitions/snapshots Full transcript of the episode is available here Rukhmabai Initiatives 2023 - Are you a woman journalist, writer or student who loves to amplify the voices of striking women who have compelling insights into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and hold a unique place in the field, the Rukhmabai Team is looking for you! Rukhmabai Initiatives was launched in 2020, in honor of one of India’s first practicing female doctors. This year, we will be providing three grants of Rs 40,000 each. Each grantee will produce three stories – two profiles and one feature story – aligned with the objective of Rukhmabai Initiatives; to inspire and inform. The link to the applications is in the show notes and the last date of submission is 31st January 2023 Apply Now! Follow TIEH podcast on Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube Ulka Kelkar is on Twitter, Linkedin Our host, Shreya Jai on Twitter, Linkedin & Dr. Sandeep Pai on Twitter, Linkedin Podcast Producer, Tejas Dayananda Sagar on Twitter and Linkedin
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