#40: How to Trust Your Own Decisions
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Do you have a hard time making decisions and trusting your choices?  Making mistakes DOESN'T mean anything about you. In this episode, I talk about why this might be happening and share 3 tips on how to heal wounds of indecision.  ** You're invited! Request to join our FREE community on Facebook for bonus content** https://www.facebook.com/groups/theinnerchildpodcast Episode Highlights:  Reasons why you might have trouble making decisions and the inner child roots that come from your childhoodThe key to making more, and better choices for yourselfThe importance of reframing the *meaning* that you associate with mistakes (why it doesn't mean you are incompetent, dumb, or make poor choices!)How to treat decision making as a skill that needs to be exercised and developedAre you a High Achiever or entrepreneur who wants to attract and create the lasting, romantic relationship of your dreams, but unhealed emotional baggage is getting in the way? 💔 Join "SOULMATE", my signature program!📧⁠- DM with the words "HIGH ACHIEVER" @bygloriazhang or apply directly on bygloriazhang.com/soulmate. Want even More? Apply to join my Soulmate program at bygloriazhang.com/soulmate.Get Gloria's FREE Guide to Inner Child Healing!Follow Gloria on Instagram for helpful tips: @bygloriazhang
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