#41: From Yo-Yo Dieting, Extreme Fitness to Manifesting Love For Your Body
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Do you have a toxic relationship with your body when it comes to yo-yo dieting or exercise? Body image issues are often a result of inner child wounds, the messaging that we get at an early age and that distorted societal pressure to be "perfect." In this eye-opening episode, I talk to my good friend, Caroline Ofenstein (@carolineofenstein), who is a Certified Personal Trainer and Integrative Health Coach. We talk about Caroline's own struggle with extreme diet and fitness practices, how she transformed that into integrating spiritual aspects of connecting mind, body, soul, and manifestation, plus tips and tools on how to create a healthy relationship with your body! ** Request to join our FREE podcast community on Facebook for bonus content** https://www.facebook.com/groups/theinnerchildpodcast Episode Highlights: How Caroline discovered manifestation during an extreme health and nutrition stage in her lifeManifestation and how it relates to diet and exerciseThe issues surrounding "diet culture"The distorted body image messaging that we get at a young age and how it affects our relationship with food Caroline's health and nutrition advice for people who have self-worth issuesHow Caroline redefined her definition of success and discovered her true happinessAre you a High Achiever or entrepreneur who wants to attract and create the lasting, romantic relationship of your dreams, but unhealed emotional baggage is getting in the way? 💔 Join "SOULMATE", my signature program!📧⁠- DM with the words "HIGH ACHIEVER" @bygloriazhang or apply directly on bygloriazhang.com/soulmate. Want even More? Apply to join my Soulmate program at bygloriazhang.com/soulmate.Get Gloria's FREE Guide to Inner Child Healing!Follow Gloria on Instagram for helpful tips: @bygloriazhangConnect with Caroline on Instagram: @carolineofensteinLearn more about Caroline's work at pocketsuite.io/link/coachcaroline
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