Episode 52: How To Raise Thriving Kids While Healing Your Own Trauma with Makenzie
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Are you a parent who is raising kiddos while healing your mental health at the same time? In today's episode, we chat with TikTok Momma sensation Makenzie at Home, to have a raw and vulnerable conversation about the real and imperfect challenges of being a single parent, breaking generational patterns, and kicking butt at being a human! **Wanna learn the #1 that High-Achievers can attract more commitment & deep connections in relationships? Get instant access to Gloria’s brand new, FREE Masterclass, Chosen**: bygloriazhang.com/chosen  Episode Highlights: Makenzie’s Tiktok journey and how she became a mental health advocate for parentsThe shaming, perfectionism, and judgement that parents face in raising their kids How The Inner Child Podcast has helped Makenzie in her inner child healingMakenzie’s advice on how to raise your kids while taking care of your own mental healthHer favorite Disney movie, how it relates to her life and more! Want even More? Apply to join my Soulmate program for High-Achievers: bygloriazhang.com/soulmate.Get Access to Gloria’s brand new, FREE Masterclass, Chosen: bygloriazhang.com/chosenFollow Gloria on Instagram for helpful tips: @bygloriazhangFollow Makenzie on Tiktok: @mackenzie_athomeFollow Makenzie on Instagram: @mackenzie_athome
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