#60: How To Create A Life You Don't Need To Escape From
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Hey bestie, do you find yourself escaping into flings, pleasure, and distractions to avoid dealing with life? Although some fun in the sun doesn't hurt, a chronic pattern of avoidance is a defense mechanism we pick up from our childhood. But in today's episode we're saying YES to life, and helping you start creating a lifestyle that feels delicious, joyful, and fulfilling! EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: How to know if you use "escapism" as a way to avoid dealing with things, and tips on how to overcome this habit by creating a delicious life!Why High-Achievers should focus on turning your home into a "temple".Ways to make difficult career choices that stretch you outside of your comfort zone .Call To Action: A helpful exercise to help you examine beliefs you've inherited, and tap into the resourcefulness that you actually haveHey bestie! My mission is to help High-Achievers and people-pleasers heal their Inner Child and find healthy love, especially those who desire an extraordinary connection but often struggle in their relationships.  Got An "Aha!" Moment? Take a screenshot this episode, share it with the world, tag me @bygloriazhang on Instagram, and let me know your thoughts! ________________________________________ MENTIONED IN PODCAST: Ready to take the next step?  Book a free call to learn more about my acclaimed 12-week program for High-Achievers who want to attract Extraordinary, High-Quality relationships: Situationship to Soulmate.__________________________ FREE RESOURCES: Why Do Some People Easily Attract Extraordinary Relationships... And Others Struggle? Register for my popular free workshop where I reveal my proven 3-step process of how to create thriving relationships by healing your inner child.Download Gloria's FREE Guide to Inner Child Healing.Join the The Inner Child Podcast Community for bonus trainings._____________________________________ WAS THIS HELPFUL? I’d be so grateful if you could take a moment to follow, leave a 5-star rating, and download a few more episodes. As a gift of gratitude, we'll send you my Inner Child Starter Kit if you leave a 5-star review and share what you love about the show. 🎁To claim your gift, email a screenshot of your review to [email protected]!
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