Jeff Booth: Deflation, Bitcoin and the Price of Tomorrow
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Jeff Booth has been at the forefront of technological change for over 20 years. He founded a company called BuildDirect based in Vancouver, an e-commerce platform that was on its way to being a unicorn before he dramatically and suddenly left because, as he says it, his integrity was not for sale. When I first heard this story, I could relate to the emotional toll this must have taken on him, having been through something very similar, albeit on a far smaller scale. But I was also struck by how quickly Jeff bounced back, and the impact that he has had since then, be it with companies he’s founded, invested in or advised. Jeff and I talk about the arc of his career, his book "The Price of Tomorrow," as well as crypto and blockchain. Then we drop from macro-topics into micro-topics of how he chooses to spend his time amidst the many new opportunities that he sees in the world today. What We Cover:  - The roots and disastrous consequences of inflationary monetary system - The “war” between the current monetary system and what exponential technology is bringing - Why digital currency like Bitcoin has the potential to mitigate the climate change and to contribute to a different economic system Key Learnings and Takeaways:  - There is no way to solve inequality through an inflationary monetary system. An inflationary monetary system equals inequality. - In a world that is changing really fast, the advantage goes to people that are open to learning faster.  - We need to have an incentive system based on truth, that can’t be changed by rulers, a system that incentivises cooperation. Digital currencies can play a significant role in creating such systems.   Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:  - “The Price of Tomorrow” by Jeff Booth  - Jeff Booth’s Website  - Connect with Jeff Booth on Twitter  - Terramera  - Cubic Farms  - Addy  - NocNoc  - “Swag: Alternative Investments for the Coming Decate” by Joe Roseman ​​  - Eric Jorgenson: Leverage, Permissionlessness and Naval’s Book of Wisdom on OutsideVoices  Connect with Mark Bidwell: - LinkedIn  - Twitter
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