Ultimate Guide to Successful Relationships with Kasturi M
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The Inspiring Talk is now available on YouTube. You can watch this interview here: https://youtu.be/XfsUl5GjwaA    In this episode, we discuss: Things that you need to keep in mind before getting into any relationship, How to attract the partner of your dreams, Is there a perfect relationship? How to consciously resolve conflicts in a relationship? Red flags to look for in any relationship. How to end toxic or non-serving relationships. This is the relationship masterclass you've been looking for.   Imagine this, you are in a relationship with your partner, and this relationship uplifts and empowers you. This is the place of deep intimacy, and vulnerability. You feel understood, heard, and loved deeply. It makes your life easier. It helps you grow and evolve consistently.   For a lot of people in a relationship, this might sound like a fairy tale. But this is possible for you and me and everyone listening. Relationships like any other thing in life require commitment and work. And if you are committed to taking your relationship to a whole new level, this episode is for you.   I can say with conviction that in India, the concept of Conscious Relationship is fairly new and I'm glad that you are among a few people who are exposed to this information. I'm so excited to have Kasturi Mahanta help us understand everything about conscious relationships on The Inspiring Talk podcast.   Kasturi is a Psychotherapist and Relationship therapist who helps individuals create the relationship that we all desire. She goes by @heymisstherapist on Instagram where she shares really valuable relationship content to almost 50k audiences.   We have a telegram community for our listeners. Join here- https://theinspiringtalk.com/telegram   For brand collaborations and opportunities, send us an email at  [email protected]   Send me a voice message: https://theinspiringtalk.com/speak   Connect with     Website Instagram    Follow the Inspiring Talk on Facebook http://theinspiringtalk.com/facebook   Twitter http://theinspiringtalk.com/twitter Instagram http://theinspiringtalk.com/instagram
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