Youtuber Tech Burner on Money, Mindset and Self-investment: TIT142
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You can watch this interview on Youtube-    Shlok Shrivastava shares his biggest success secrets and talks about money mindset.    You'll learn: Why he don't ask himself- "Can I do it?" How he removes negativity from his life? His secret to staying consistent and disciplined. His top three investments so far. Shlok Srivastava runs Tech Burner, one of the largest tech YouTube channel with over 9.5 Million followers. He makes tech simple and fun with his videos. He's also founder of companies like Layers and Overlays clothing.  He was featured as Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2022 and India's top digital stars, 2022.  We have a telegram community for our listeners. Join here-   For brand collaborations and opportunities, send us an email at  [email protected]   Send me a voice message:   Connect with Shlok Srivastava YouTube Instagram    Follow the Inspiring Talk on Facebook   Twitter Instagram
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