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Been almost five years since I released the first episode of the podcast. Sharing with you a new trailer for The Inspiring Talk podcast. I’m glad that you’re listening to this podcast, and now that you’re here I can assure you of two things. You'll gain new perspectives on taking your business, life, and career to the next level. You will definitely be inspired to tap into your true potential and create the life you’ve dreamed of. Some episodes highlight the journey of achievers while others are deep personal transformation episodes done in a masterclass format. This show is your space to tune into Inspiration whenever you want. I’m on the same journey as you are.   The show has reached some milestones over the past few years: It was a finalist for Asia's Best Podcast award, 2019 #1 Podcast under All-Categories on Apple Podcasts Top Podcasts on JioSaavn, 2020 Top Podcasts on Gaana, 2021 If you haven’t already, you can subscribe/follow this podcast wherever you listen to it.  You can also watch the show on Youtube.  Do something inspiring.
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