187. Breaking down the perPLEXing topic of TTP
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In this episode, we discuss the clinical presentation, laboratory abnormalities, initial work-up and treatment of TTP. We review the pathophysiology and also how to distinguish TTP from other MAHAs based on the patient's lab findings and clinical presentation. The medicine minute discusses the first known case of TTP and the timeline of discovery of the etiology behind TTP.  Written by: Dr. Jodi Chiu  (Internal Medicine resident) Reviewed by:  Dr. Cyrus Hsia (Hematology) and Dr. Rasha Abdul Karim (General Internal Medicine) Sound editing by: Margaret Sun (Internal Medicine Resident) Support the show
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In this episode, we cover when to suspect and investigate - or more importantly NOT investigate patients for potential inherited thrombophilias.  Written by: Chloe Gordon (Internal Medicine Resident)  Reviewed by: Dr. Eric Tseng (Hematologist) and Dr. Vicky Tagalakis (General Internist)  Support...
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In this episode, we discuss the clinical presentation, consensus diagnostic criteria and pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic strategies to manage a patient with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).  Written by: Dr. David Bobrowski (Internal Medicine Resident) Reviewed by: Dr. Tosin...
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