190. Urine Trouble! An approach to AKI
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In this episode we cover the history of AKI and an approach to its diagnosis and management. We also cover landmark trials!  Written by: Dr. Thulasie Manokaran (Internal Medicine Resident) Reviewed by: Tyrone Harrison (Nephrologist) and Dr. Michael Fisher (General Internist)  Support the show
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In this episode we cover your approach to chronic and acute aortic regurgitation including key physical exam findings and echocardiographic measures.  Written by: Dr. Kate Haichin (Internal Medicine Resident)  Reviewed by: Dr. Nadia Giannetti (Cardiologist) and Dr. Amal Bessissow (General...
Published 09/24/23
Take a listen this week for a dive into the world of HLH. We cover primary and secondary HLH, your approach to the diagnosis and workup, as well as management and some info on recent trials.  Support the show
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