At the intersection of endocrinology and gynaecology is an important topic- polycystic ovarian syndrome! This episode was written by Dr. Sooyoun Shin (Internal Medicine Resident) and reviewed by Dr. Shoba Sujana Kumar (Endocrinology) and Dr. Rupal Shah (General Internal Medicine). Podcast produced by Kiera Liblik (medical student). Infographic by Dr. Shannon Gui (Internal Medicine Resident).  Support the show
Published 02/19/23
In this episode we break down the lengthy list of causes of myocarditis. We cover guidelines for biopsy and work-up and management approaches.  Written by: Dr. Dhruv Krishnan (Internal Medicine resident) Reviewed by: Dr. Samir Hazra (Cardiologist) and Dr. Steven Montague (General Internist) Support the show
Published 02/12/23
Sarcoma's are rare, and sometimes coined the "forgotten cancer." Learn more about sarcoma so that you don't miss this on your differential diagnosis of internal medicine patients! Written by Dr. Megan Smith-Uffen (Internal Medicine Resident) and reviewed by Dr. Richard Tozer (Medical Oncology) and Dr. John Neary (General Internal Medicine). Infographic by Dr. Valerie Kim (Internal Medicine Resident).  Support the show
Published 02/05/23
In this episode we cover a condition that is anxiety provoking for patients and healthcare workers alike. We take you through our approach to both life threatening and non life threatening hemoptysis.  Support the show
Published 01/29/23
In this episode, we review the staging, management and treatment options for chronic kidney disease. Though most patients may present asymptomatically at first, we review the symptoms and physical findings to look out for when examining a patient with CKD. Our medicine minute discusses EMPA-KIDNEY, and the evidence that supports the use of SGLT-2 inhibitors in CKD management. Written by: Dr. Susan Thanabalasingam (Internal Medicine Resident) Reviewed by: Dr. Christine A. White (Nephrologist)...
Published 01/22/23
In this episode, we review the clinical presentation, specialized physical exam maneuvers, investigations and management of ankylosing spondylitis. Our medicine minute reviews the Choosing Wisely guidelines for Rheumatology.  Podcast written by: Dr. Emma Reesor (Internal Medicine Resident) Reviewed by: Dr. Raj Carmona (Rheumatologist) and Dr. Stephen Gilick (General Internist) Sound editing by: Alison Lai Infographic Design by: Alison Lai Support the show
Published 01/15/23
We're starting off the new year with an outpatient medicine episode! Take a listen to learn more about primary hyperaldosteronism, a common cause of resistant hypertension. Written by Dr. Isabel Shamsudeen, Internal medicine resident, and reviewed by Dr. Stan Van Uum, Endocrinology and Dr. Andrew Appleton, General Internal Medicine. Infographic by Dr. Shannon Gui, Internal Medicine Resident.  Support the show
Published 01/08/23
In this episode, Drs. Michael Fralick and Alison Lai get together to talk about the state of digital education in Internal Medicine across Canada. They talk about the origin stories of their podcast, how they stay up to date, and where they hope to see the digital education sphere! We then present the latest episode of The Rounds Table, hosted by brothers Dr. Michael Fralick and John Fralick. Support the show
Published 12/18/22
In this episode, Dr. Sheliza Halani interviews special guest Dr. Alon Vaisman (Infectious Diseases) on the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Clostridium difficile Infection in Adults and Children: 2017 Update by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA). They discuss the definitions of severity of C. difficile, recommendations for current treatment and testing, prophylaxis and surgical management options.  Producer and Host:...
Published 12/11/22
In this episiode, Dr. Sheliza Halani interview Dr. Jameel Abdulrehman (Hematology, Thrombosis) about the latest recommendations in the  CHEST 2021 Antithrombotic Therapy for VTE Disease: Second Update of the CHEST Guideline and Expert Panel Report Host: Dr. Sheliza Halani Guest: Dr. Jameel Abdulrehman, Hematologist, Assistant Professor at University of Toronto Sound Editing: Alison Lai Support the show
Published 12/04/22
In this episode, Dr. Sheliza Halani interviews Dr. Andrew Ha, cardiac electrophysiologist at the University Health Network whose interest and clinical focus is in atrial fibrillation. They discuss the CCS/CHRS Comprehensive Guidelines for the Management of Atrial Fibrillation, released in 2020. Host: Dr. Sheliza Halani Guest: Dr. Andrew Ha Sound Editing: We would like to thank Krzysztof Kowalik for producing this episode and editing the audio. Support the show
Published 11/27/22
In this episode we have special guest Dr. Dominic Ng (Endocrinologist) review the 2021 Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidelines for the Management of Dyslipidemia for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Adults with our host Dr. Catherine Leurer.  Host: Dr. Catherine Leurer Special Guest: Dr. Dominic Ng (Endocrinologist) Sound Editing: Kryzsztof Kowalik Support the show
Published 11/20/22
In this episode, Dr. Sheliza Halani speaks with Dr. Kevin Venus (General Internist) about the 2020 update to the Hypertension Canada Guidelines for the Prevention, Diagnosis, Risk Assessment, and Treatment of Hypertension. Host: Dr. Sheliza Halani Sound Editing: Dr. Alison Lai Producers: Dr. Catherine Leurer and Dr. Sheliza Halani Support the show
Published 11/13/22
In this episode, we discuss the CAG/ACG guidelines for management of Dyspepsia, released in 2017 with Dr. Piero Tartaro, Gastroenterologist.  Host: Dr. Catherine Leurer Sound Editing: Krzysztof Kowalik  Producers: Dr. Sheliza Halani and Dr. Catherine Leurer Support the show
Published 11/06/22
In this episode, Dr. Catherine Leurer interviews Dr. Stephanie Poon (Cardiologist) on the 2021 CCS/CHFS Heart Failure Guidelines Update: Defining a New Pharmacologic Standard of Care for Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction. Host: Dr. Catherine Leurer Guest: Dr. Stephanie Poon (Cardiologist) Sound Editing: Krzysztof Kowalik Support the show
Published 10/30/22
In this episode, we have Dr. Malika Sharma, Infectious Diseases physician take us through the 2015 Guidelines to the diagnosis, treatment and management of endocarditis. We also include some of the new 2020 updates as well!  Host: Dr. Sheliza Halani (Internal Medicine Resident) Sound Editing: Alison Lai Produced by: Dr. Sheliza Halani and Dr. Catherine Leurer Support the show
Published 10/23/22
In this episode, we have Dr. Lisa Dubrofsky (Nephrology, University of Toronto) speaking about the KDIGO 2012 Clinical Practice Guideline for the Evaluation and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease. Host: Dr. Catherine Leurer (Geriatrics Fellow) Sound editing by:  Krzystof Kowalik Support the show
Published 10/16/22
In this episode we walk you through the approach to work up, diagnosis and management of parathyroid adenoma, including the guidelines regarding surgical management!  Written by: Dr. Akshay Varghese (Internal Medicine Residence)  Reviewed by: Dr. Stan Van Uum (Endocrinologist) and Dr. Ian Brown (General Internal Medicine)  Support the show
Published 10/02/22
Written by Dr. Justin Boyle (Internal Medicine Resident) and reviewed by Dr. Marie Leung (General Internal Medicine) and Dr. Danielle Kaine (Pallative Care). Infographic by Vincent Li.  Support the show
Published 09/25/22
In this episode, we review the clinical presentation, history and physical examination as well as the ROME-IV diagnostic criteria for a diagnosis of IBS. We review the different subtypes of IBS as well as symptom management and emerging treatments for IBS. Our medicine minute focuses on the evidence supporting the use of eluxadoline in patients with IBS-D.  Podcast written by: Dr. Nawid Sayed (Internal Medicine Resident) Reviewed by: Dr. David Rodrigues (Neurogastroenterology)  and Dr. Laura...
Published 09/18/22
Written by: Dr. Samantha Bruzzese (Internal Medicine Resident)  Reviewed by:  Dr.Joshua Lakoff (Endocrinology) Dr. Zijing Wu (General Internal Medicine) Produced by: Margaret Sun  Infographic by: Lilly Yu  Support the show
Published 09/11/22
This week we talk about symptoms that should prompt you to consider Sjogren's, key features on history and physical, and the appropriate tests for work-up.  Written by: Dr. Christina Ma (Internal Medicine Resident)  Reviewed by: Dr. Stephanie Garner (Rheumatologist) and Dr. Hugh Traquair (General Internist) Episode Produced by: Kiera Liblink (Medical Student)  Support the show
Published 09/04/22
This episode will take you through all the details about herpes zoster! We cover the approach, when you should take extra concern and refer to ophthalmology, and how to manage a whole spectrum of patients.  Written by: Dr. Lauren Winquist (Internal Medicine Resident) Reviewed by: Dr. Megan Devlin (Infectious Diseases) and Dr. Rasha Abdul-Karim (General Internal Medicine) Support the show
Published 08/28/22
In this episode, we review the pathophysiology, history, work-up and management of Achalasia. Our medicine minute discusses the trial "Endoscopic or Surgical Myotomy in Patients with Idiopathic Achalasia" published in NEJM in 2019.  Written by: Dr. Grace Wang (Internal Medicine Resident) Reviewed by: Dr. Teshima (Gastroenterology) and Dr. Laura Walker (General Internist) Sound editing by: Nathan Doupnik (Medical Student) Infographic by: Vincent Li (Medical Student) Support the show
Published 08/21/22
In this episode we cover a host of malignant emergencies. We begin with their categorization, then walk through pertinent history details, physical exam, and your approach to diagnosis and treatment.  Written by: Dr. Claire Browne (Internal Medicine resident) and reviewed by Dr. Elena Tsvetkova (Medical Oncologist) & Dr. Jeff Yu (General Internist).  Support the show
Published 08/14/22